Number Two: Characters

Musings in Grayscale comic issue 3


A green room is a term from the theatre, a place offstage where performers hang out before and after their turns onstage.  As a writer, characters are my stock in trade.  I don’t know if all writers have this sort of mental green room, but I’ve heard of many whose characters talk to them.  Sometimes to the point where it gets downright annoying!

Images Used

  • Panel 1:  A Paper Camera selfie.
  • Panel 2:  A photo I took and printed in 1985.  An old camper shell on my parents’ property, set on the ground and overtaken by blackberry vines.
  • Panel 3:  A stock photo, grayscaled.
  • Panel 4:  A Paper Camera photo, shot recently.
  • Panel 5:  A Paper Camera photo, extreme closeup of a faux granite floor.
  • Panel 6:  A portrait obtained through the Portrait Adoption website.  Art by Nicole Cadet.