About the Artist

Four pictures of Jamie LawsonJamie Lawson, She Who Muses, is primarily a writer, though she has called herself a “technical artist” in multiple day jobs.

She has been fascinated with black and white photography for a long time.  She learned how to shoot, develop and print her own film during a class in 1985; a few of the prints made then will be appearing in these pages.  She’d dearly love to know what happened to the rest of the prints and the negatives — that binder seems to have disappeared.

A copy of the Comic Life software which came bundled with a Mac laptop computer, and the Paper Camera app on her Android phone, got her started experimenting with creating digital comics with black and white images.

She’s now on Comic Life 3 on an iMac, messing around with Adobe Photoshop, and still playing with Paper Camera.