Number One, Introduction: Cube, Keyboard, and Roots

musings in grayscale comic #1Notes

This was the first comic I created, using the original version of Comic Life.  It was composed sometime in 2013, I think.

Images Used

  • Panel 1: A selfie shot with the Paper Camera app on my Android phone.
  • Panel 2: My cube at Intel, shot with Paper Camera.
  • Panel 3: Another Paper Camera shot.
  • Panel 4: A stock picture of an Intel i386 CPU, grayscaled.
  • Panel 5: A selfie (foot-selfie?) taken with a Canon Sure-shot digital camera and grayscaled in Photoshop Elements 9.
  • Panel 6: The roots of a Coast Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) growing over the burned trunk of the same tree. Shot, developed and printed by me in 1985.