Number Four: Journey, “Lights”


Happy New Year!  This installment is the first of my more random thoughts, a genuine musing in grayscale.  A little arithmetic will tell you this was composed some three years ago, and has been sitting in the stack with the rest since then.  Still, though, every time I hear “Lights” I think about sunset, and have to remind myself otherwise.

I’m not alone in this perception, either.  According to the song’s Wikipedia entry, “Lights” has often been played at the end of both Giants and 49ers home games, and was used as a sign-off tune by a Texas radio station.

Images Used

  • Panel 1: The single cover of “Lights,” grayscaled.
  • Panel 2: Photo from the Internet, grayscaled.  (I didn’t make note of who to attribute for this one, a mistake I won’t repeat in future comics.)
  • Panel 3: Pebble Beach, Crescent City, California.  Taken by me on cellphone camera in 2007, facing north toward Point Saint George.
  • Panel 4: Shot of a gate to a closed sawmill in Crescent City, California. Taken, developed and printed by me in 1985.
  • Panel 5: A Paper Camera selfie.