Number One(a), Introduction Update

Musings In Grayscale Issue #1a


It seemed only fair to create an update to the original comic, Issue 1.  Enter Issue 1a, which is actually the most recently composed of all the Musings In Grayscale as I write this.

I still struggle with self-doubt.  Constantly.  I still feel as if I’m trying to re-establish my identity.  To do that, I need to understand myself.  A very fundamental part of the Musings In Grayscale is that exploration and search for understanding.  I hope that I can make it entertaining for you, my readers, along the way.

Images Used

Panel 1: A selfie, grayscaled and tweaked in Photoshop.
Panel 2: Stock photo of a printed circuit board (PCB), grayscaled.
Panel 3: NASA photo of a black hole, grayscaled and tweaked in Photoshop.
Panel 4: Cell phone camera shot, taken with the Paper Camera app.
Panel 5: Cell phone camera shot, taken by me and grayscaled.
Panel 6: NASA photo of the full moon rising over the Wasatch Mountains, grayscaled.

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